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About Us

In the heart of New York’s bustling marine scene, “DoItDocks” was born out of Scott’s (our founder)unwavering passion and a decade-long journey in marine construction. With over 10 years of hands-on experience, Scott has masterfully designed hundreds of docks, bulkheads, and piers, each reflecting his deep understanding of the marine environment and his commitment to excellence. His vast portfolio stands as a testament to his expertise and dedication, making “DoItDocks” a trusted name in the world of marine structures.

The DoItDocks Promise

At the very core of DoItDocks is a promise born from the fury of nature and the resilience of design. We’ve witnessed the devastation that major storms can bring, and it’s precisely this challenge that inspired our mission. Our vision was clear: to create DIY docks that not only can be installed with ease by anyone but also stand strong against the harshest of storms. With DoItDocks, you’re not just investing in a dock; you’re investing in peace of mind, knowing that your marine structure is built to weather the storm and last for years to come.